Welcome to the very first Nerd Nite in Northern Michigan!  We are super excited to get this nerdy ball rolling and find all our fellow nerds.  How many more times can we say nerd?  This first time out is going to cover some varied topics and ease you into the fun, informative experience that is Nerd Nite

Where: Tank Space (1110 East Eighth Street, Traverse City, MI)

When: Thursday,  April 25th from 7 pm to 10:00 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm)

How: Purchase your $10 ticket via THIS LINK or at the door (cashless preferred)

Historical Dance: For Glory, Love & Fitness by Anna Beard

There are plenty of reasons why people danced long ago and some of them might surprise you.  Explore how people stayed fit, found love, and influenced the world around them all through movement.  Looking to hang out with the fellow courtier you fancy?  Well, don’t expect to flirt on the tennis court where you might get hit in the face with a ball.  And forget about trying to carry on a conversation while practice swords are breaking all over the place.  The dance floor was THE place to see and be seen.  As well as smell.  No joke.  Learn about how dance tied into the social structure of the Renaissance and how you could turn a head or two with fancy footwork.

Anna is a Leelanau County native who is back and looking for fellow nerds.  After a stint at the University of Michigan where she earned a BFA in Dance, she continued studying her craft while instructing many young people to wave their limbs in artistic ways.  Since then she has lived in Austin where she became a historical swordfighter which only increased her already nerdy obsession with dance history.  She resides in TC where she loves to safely hit her friends, dance at the drop of a hat, and eat all things cherries.

I Love That Swordfight In <Insert move title here>, but How Real Is It?  by Anthony Buonomo

Do you have a favorite fight scene from a movie?  Maybe a little movie called The Princess Bride?  Or even A Knight’s Tale!  This will break down what’s real and what isn’t and explain why real swordfighting would be too boring for storytelling.  Come ready with your questions and callouts of favorite scenes in this deep dive on Historical European Martial Arts along with some popular culture hits.

Anthony Buonomo is the founder Historical Weapons Guild, located in both Austin, Texas, and Traverse City.  When anyone asks him why he started swordfighting, his answer is simply, “Because I’m a giant nerd.”  So you can see why he’s perfect for this event.  He started formally training in HEMA back in 2014 and has since then traveled the US as well as internationally to teach and compete even winning a medal or two.  When not doing all things swords, you can find him climbing at Elev8  or obsessing over which 40k army is best. (it’s Tyranids)